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01/04/2012 : NextQ announces availability of remote calibration and CAT conversion services based on proprietary Q-Expert technology

Today NextQ announced it will provide remote psychometric services including item calibration, test validation and CAT conversion using the 3-parameter IRT model. Clients may send NextQ fully anonymized test results over the Internet in the form of Excel spreadsheets that will be automatically parsed and analyzed using NextQ's proprietary Q-Expert system. Depending on calibration results tests may be automatically converted into adaptive tests (CAT). Using NextQ's automated remote psychometric services results in lower costs and greatly reduced turn-around time for clients compared to traditional, human-based psychometric services.

12/05/2010 :"Q-Expert" expert system for automatically generating CAT tests available as stand alone API
NextQ's unique "Q-Expert" technology is now available as a Java API for calibrating and sequencing items based on the 3-parameter IRT model.


12/14/2009 : Online CRA test released
A beta version of the first online certification test for Clinical Research Associates (CRA) was released to selected partners.


09/25/2006 : Beta version of NextQ 1.0 released to selected partners
NextQ released today the Beta version of its web-based test authoring and delivery platform to selected partners in Europe. The NextQ software platform combines a powerful graphical user interface (GUI) and an IRT-based expert system to provide a user-friendly, cost effective to solution for developing and administering skill-assessment tests over the Internet. The commercial release of NextQ version 1.0 is scheduled for February 2006.


>  Test development services
  NextQ provides a one-stop solution for developing and deploying web-based skill-assessments and exams. NextQ services include item and test development by subject-matter experts, IRT-based test validation, secure web-based test delivery and grading and test result analysis and reporting. Services are provided through NextQ’s own Java software platform.

>  Technology licensing
  NextQ offers end-user licenses of its Java software platform to clients who want to create, validate, deliver, score and analyze their own interactive tests and exams over the internet. NextQ software is the result of more than 8 years of Research and Development by NextQ’s engineers and psychometrician. It includes a unique, fully-automated test and item validation module based on the 3-parameter IRT model.


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